At NAPCA, we are committed to walk with our students and program graduates if they need our support to help them break through the barriers to achieve their future college and career goals.

If at any point in our graduates academic and/or career path where they are faced with an issue in which they could benefit from the professional guidance of our expert counselors, faculty and staff, we highly encourage them to take advantage of the NAPCA Commitment. A dedicated team will work with our graduates to identify the issue and develop a strategic plan of action to facilitate their success.


1. How does a NAPCA Alum “activate” the NAPCA Commitment?

Email Us:

2. What will happen next after I contact NAPCA for support?

NAPCA staff person responsible for intake will direct inquiries related to the Commitment to the appropriate Program Director. The Program Director will conduct initial fact-finding, then refer the situation to our “Alumni Support Team.”

The “Alumni Support Team”, comprised of Five NAPCA faculty and staff members, will conduct the problem diagnosis and build a plan for the alumna or alumnus seeking assistance.

Depending on the situation, the alum will be offered coaching, which may include a site visit, and pointed to relevant professional development resources. Those resources may be free or may require additional investment by the NAPCA alum and/or other stakeholders.

3. Are these services free?

NAPCA will provide services free of charge but may recommend resources that are not free. It may also structure an improvement plan that includes services that could have fees or costs attached.